Three Ideas for Decorating Your Student Apartment in a Snowy Theme

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Student Accommodation Centre

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It is always fun to decorate your University of Alabama off campus apartments in a snowy theme, especially since snow is rare in this climate. Are you thinking of decorating your apartment for the season? Here are three ideas for decorating your student apartment with a snowy theme.

Embrace Blue, White, and Silver

If you are looking for a wintry, snow-themed color scheme, consider blue, white, and silver for your student apartment. You may not be able to paint the walls in your student apartment, but you can always add these shades through accessories such as throw blankets, throw pillows, wall art and decorative snowman figurines.

Look Into Snow-Themed Window Treatments

There is a chance your landlord is going to allow you to decorate with snow-themed window treatments. For example, you may want to decorate the front window of your student apartment with removable window clings. Imagine how beautiful white snowmen and silver snowflakes are going to look in front of a blue curtain.

Create a Snowy Kitchen and Bathroom

Why not create a snowy kitchen and bathroom in your student apartment? There are plenty of accessories to create a winter wonderland in these spaces, from snowflake-printed dish towels in the kitchen to a snowman soap dispenser in the bathroom.

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