The Top Benefits of Moving into Student Apartments in Lawrence KS

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Student Accommodation Centre

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As tens of thousands of students flock to campus this school year, many of them have the same goal in mind. They all want to find places to live that are close to campus and also fit into their budgets.

The dormitories may be restricted to incoming freshmen and first-time enrollees on campus, however. Instead of trying to find a place on campus, you can instead move into one of the nearby student apartments in Lawrence, KS.

Close Proximity

You may prefer to move into a place that is close enough to campus to walk to classes. Parking near university buildings can be hectic and in high demand. You may have to get to campus early in order to get a parking spot.

Rather than arrive at the crack of dawn to park your car, you can move into a place that is a walk’s distance from your classes. You can walk to and from class or ride your bike on colder days. You can get to and from your lectures in minutes and avoid having to find or pay for parking spots.

Further, the close proximity allows you to attend sporting events and student celebrations on campus. You avoid having to miss out because you live too far away.

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