Questions Before Moving into a Military Rental with a Pet

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Real Estate

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Your dog is more than a pet. She’s a four-footed friend. If you’ve received your PSC orders and you need to start looking for a new home, here’s how to find one when you’re bringing along a big dog.

What’s Your Dog’s Breed?

That may not seem to matter, but specific dog breeds—like Pit bulls or Rottweilers—are not allowed on some bases. That means housing solutions on the base are off the table for you. Start looking for pet-friendly military beach rentals in Norfolk. The sooner you look, the quicker you’ll find off-base housing options.

Where is the Rental Located?

A beach rental sounds ideal, especially if your dog loves to run into the water and paddle around. You can bring your canine pal to the beach whenever you can. However, the home should also be near enough to the base that going to and from work is easy for you. That eliminates potential problems. You won’t have to worry about long drives or getting stuck in traffic for hours. You especially don’t want that, knowing there’s a furry friend waiting for you back home.

What are the Conditions?

Before you sign the contract, look at the conditions. Talk to the rental property company if there’s anything you want to know. Are you concerned or worried about the environment and whether it’s safe for your pet? Some properties may allow pets, but they have restrictions, and they also have a limit on the size of the dog. If you’ve got a large-breed dog, you may need to clarify a few things with the property owner or company before the negotiations can move forward.

Are You a Responsible Pet Owner?

Some property owners have been burned before. They may have had a bad experience with tenants who had pets. One way to help your case is to show that you are a responsible pet owner. Show them a certificate from pet training if you have one. You can also show vet records, so they’ll see your pet’s shots are all up-to-date.

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