Ideas to Maximize Space in Your Student Apartment in Mississippi

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Apartment Building

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Just because you are renting a furnished student apartment, you do not have to skip out on adding personal details. With your own special decor mixed in, your space will reflect your personal preferences and feel more home-like. Student apartments are a terrific place to live, and you should make the best of your time. Here are ideas you can use to maximize your space.

Sprinkle in Color

The University of Mississippi off-campus housing comes with attractive furnishings and decor. But you can add posters, pictures, pillows, and plants to your private bedroom so that you enjoy the space more. Spice up your environment with stimulating tones, rather than picking everything in a neutral shade,

Not only can this happen with your added decor, but you can sprinkle in color with your bedspread and curtains as well. Just do not forget to add a colorful shower curtain and pictures in your individual bathroom as well.


While you are at the store, you may notice attractive home accessories you would like for the University of Mississippi off-campus housing. Yet, the prices may cause you to leave them at the store. You often have to make sacrifices to stay within your budget.

However, you can create more interest around your apartment with pictures of your family and roommates. Your large living room and full-sized kitchen will look great with photos snapped while you are at the gym, pool, fire pit, volleyball court, and more.

To get more decorating ideas, take a tour of the University of Mississippi off-campus housing, like Archive Oxford. For more information, visit their website today.

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