Living With Friendly Roommates Near Western Michigan University

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Amenities Inside Student Housing

As a tenant of Western Michigan University student housing, you will enjoy lots of contemporary amenities at competitive prices. Most rooms inside a spacious apartment will have hardwood floors, which provide functional and aesthetic benefits. A fully furnished residence will typically include modern furniture pieces, such as leather sofas, large central tables, reclining chairs, TV stands and bookcases. Your private bedroom will be equipped with a king or queen bed for the ultimate comfort. Western Michigan University student housing units are usually available with laundry machines for extra convenience. You might be charged extra monthly fees for the in-unit laundry connections. In terms of safety, the modern apartment should include multiple smoke detectors and a sprinkler system as part of a comprehensive fire alarm system. Additionally, a central intercom system directly connects you to any guests attempting to enter the main entrance of the apartment building.

Finding Roommates for Student Housing

When applying for Western Michigan University student housing, you will work directly with a professional management agency. The managers will ask you to fill out a comprehensive application for finding suitable roommates. For example, you could request a co-educational living unit based on your comfort level and other personal interests. Once you’re matched with suitable roommates, you could provide additional feedback to the management. If necessary, you will be transferred to another apartment with other roommates based on rental availability.

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