Lubbock, TX Student Housing Offers You More for Your College Years

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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When you enrolled in Texas Tech University, you couldn’t wait to experience life in the college of your choosing. You know that your degree can be your launchpad into a bright future. Studies are the most important part of getting a degree, but there’s more to college than taking classes. You also want to have a social life as you meet new people. You can either get lost in large dorms or get an apartment. Searching for your own place can be a challenge. You have to find a location that is ideal and see if you click with a roommate. You also need to worry about what will happen if your housemate doesn’t make the rent. You have another choice. Student apartments in Lubbock, TX, give you the opportunity to have so much more than a crowded dorm room. You’ll have a per-person contract agreement which means you never have to worry about paying more than your share. You’ll also get more for your money when your appliances, laundry, Internet, and utilities are all part of the package.

Student apartments in Lubbock, TX, are in spacious cottages that allow you your privacy when you need it in your own bathroom and bedroom. Come together in the joint living space when you want to hang out with your roommates. Branch out to meet your neighbors as you go to the pool, enjoy your favorites cooked on the grill, or visit the clubhouse. When it’s time for class, the shuttle bus will get you there in only a few minutes. Find out what’s waiting for you at Capstone Cottages of Lubbock.

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