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How to Change Your Temporary Housing Up

So you have discovered a place to stay for a brief time period at Short Term Rentals in San Diego. Although it is short-term, remaining in a space which does not feel as cozy as your home may impact not just your stress levels yet your drive, ability to sleep, motivation, and more. Making the space truly yours will require a few changes, yet those changes easily are achievable with the following 5 simple decor solutions!


You most likely are not able to hang a painting (do not want to place holes inside the wall), however, you might have the ability to use a few thumb tacks to hang a gorgeous tapestry to assist in setting the new mood for your temporary housing. Whether you try a bohemian look, would appreciate a “city-view,” or have a feel for nature, tapestries are a simple method of completely transforming a space!


Not just will size matter with mirrors, yet style does, as well! Imagine a body size mirror that has intriguing detail on the gold frame? It’s a wonderful way to glam things up inside your temporary apartment! It is a simple method of adding some light, expanding the size of your new apartment, or adding a modern, rustic, glam feel to the space.

Stand-Up Frames

If the temporary housing at Short Term Rentals in San Diego area is furnished yet you cannot hang items on the wall – don’t worry! You still can achieve a similar appearance by putting words of inspiration, artwork, or photographs in stand-up frames. Also, you may buy a simple easel and instead place a wall art piece on it.


It’s potentially the simplest solution to sprucing your temporary space up. You do not even have to purchase new pillows. Find a few varieties of slipcovers in order to transform the designs, colors, etc. with the mood or seasons.


In addition, it’s just as easy to transform an area using a pop of color. As you aren’t using it, have a decorative basket close by to store blankets in. The baskets alone include a simple method of adding some style to the space.

And there you have it! Five simplistic methods of transforming any temporary home without having to break the bank or use up a lot of space as you still add tons of style and personality tailored to you!