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Choose Off-Base Military Housing for You and Your Family

You may not realize it but choosing off-base housing is an affordable uncomfortable choice for you and your family. Staying on-base can be a simple option however; you have to live under stringent rules and regulations not to mention sacrificing your privacy. Do you really want to stay on-base and sacrifice your family’s happiness? There are many reasons to rent military housing in Chula Vista, besides the beautiful location near the beach.

Enjoy Living in Nicer and Newer Housing

One main reason why living on-base can be a drawback is the fact that most of the on-base housing is notorious for being worn out and old. When you consider exactly how many different people and families have lived there before you it’s easy to understand why on-base housing seems run down. When you live off-base you can choose military housing that looks fantastic and is newer. You will also benefit from the many amenities that are offered as part of their military housing.

Benefit from More Amenities with Off-Base Rental Housing

A great positive point to choosing off-base rental housing includes being able to enjoy a wide array of amenities. This can include the amenities offered by the place for your renting military housing as well as nearby amenities. Besides amenities that are on-base, are limited. There aren’t restaurants, pools, parks or movie theaters within close proximity that make it easy to enjoy your time off. Living off-base gives you the opportunity to choose the perfect location for your family and community that offers all of the amenities your family would use. It’s also important to consider that you will be afforded more autonomy. When you live off-base your neighbors are not likely to be your colleagues. This gives you the opportunity to lead a more autonomous life with your family.