Why It Makes Sense to Invest in Saanich Real Estate

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Real Estate

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The district of Central Saanich is occupied largely for farming. The major communities of this district, Brentwood Bay and Saanichton, offer a balanced mix of rural ambience with modern comfort. This makes it a great choice for those desiring to lead a quiet, quality life. Saanich real estate has undergone steady growth due to these reasons.

Scenic Locations

While Brentwood Bay is a picturesque village situated on the western slopes of the Saanich peninsula in Vancouver and the town of Saanichton is spread on the west side of the Pat Bay Highway. Both these communities are primarily residential or home to small businesses. The villages are surrounded by farms, agricultural land and country homes, giving them a rustic and peaceful atmosphere. They also benefit from a large supply of fresh, local produce. Saanich real estate on the east and west coasts of central Saanich boasts of beautiful properties with water views.

Municipality Services

Before you invest in Saanich real estate, you need to consider a couple of facts. Most of the housing properties here are supplied with municipal water, however there are some properties in the rural areas which still rely on wells. The quality of ground water in this area is quite good, and the supply is also reliable, but if you are considering purchasing a country home, it is safer to investigate this aspect. Municipality services do not include garbage pickup, so this is something that you will need to manage with a private business. Emergency services are available at 911 in this area, which also has its own police service and fire department.

Tourist Attractions Boost Real Estate in Saanich

The beautiful Butchart Gardens offering dazzling displays throughout the year are located in Central Saanich. Locals and tourists flock the gardens in spring for a view of the lovely bulbs and flowering shrubs. In summer, the fragrant rose garden is displayed in all its glory and the fireworks on Saturday nights are a hit. During the holiday season in winter, the gardens are decked out with pretty lights.

The famous Saanich Fair is also held at Central Saanich over Labor Day weekend. It features a number of competitions that symbolize country living at its best, apart from rides, games, cotton candy and delicious hot dogs to be enjoyed with the mild summer breeze. There are many gorgeous parks in Central Saanich for enjoying time outdoors with your family like Centennial Park, Island View Beach Regional Park, and John Dean Provincial Park, among others.

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