Houses Vs. Townhouses In Pitt Meadows BC

by | May 2, 2018 | Real Estate

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For those who want to live close to a large urban centre such as Vancouver, but not in it, locating to Pitt Meadows BC may be the answer. While condos increasingly are becoming popular across this province and within this community, they are not the only options. Pitt Meadows also offers the opportunity to own detached houses and townhouses. Both are the means for a first time homebuyer to get his or her feet wet in the housing market.

Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows is a smaller community than many within the Vancouver Metropolitan Area. However, it has schools, religious centres, shopping and recreational centres. Transportation routes connect this community to other cities with ease. Another selling point is the access to amazing recreational experiences. Parks, hiking trails, and magnificent mountains surround Pitt Meadows. Pitt Lake, North America’s largest tidal lake, is also nearby.

Townhouse or Detached Home – Factors

When it comes to choosing between a townhouse and a detached home, certain factors play a key role in making the decision. These include:

  • Cost – Townhouses tend to be less expensive than detached homes are.
  • Availability – Currently, detached homes are selling less frequently than townhouses in Pitt Meadows BC and the Vancouver area.
  • Location – Many new townhouses and homes are located further from the central core. Townhouses tend to be in more suburban areas; older homes often closer to the city core.
  • Life Stage – Townhouses and homes attract similar people. Many are young couples with or without families. However, more, older homes have elderly couples as owners.
  • Amenities – Both types can be close to or apart from basic amenities. It depends upon year of construction

Townhouses or Detached Homes

If you plan to purchase a home in Pitt Meadows BC, you have options. Depending on price, location, and availability, you may consider townhouses and detached homes. What you finally decide on may well boil down to personal preference.

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