Looking At The Houses For Sale In Vancouver, BC

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Real Estate

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When considering the houses for sale in Vancouver, BC, it is important to think about the important factors that will go into determining which dwelling will be purchased. One must consider how many square feet the house or apartment will be. Another factor that must be considered is how many bedrooms and bathrooms (including full and partial baths) this building will have. It’s important to note that just because a home or other location has much square feet doesn’t guarantee it will have a high number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Finally, one has to carefully consider how much he/she is willing to spend on this place. Being that Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada and a very popular destination, houses for sale in Vancouver, BC will generally not be cheap.

Vancouver, British Columbia Statistics and Information

Vancouver is a coastal seaport city that ranks as the largest in British Columbia. It had over 630,000 residents in 2016, up from just over 600,000 in 2011, further increasing the demand and lessening the supply for houses for sale in Vancouver, BC. The city has the highest population density in all of Canada, and is the fourth-most densely populated city in all of North America, only trailing NYC, San Francisco, and Mexico City.

Vancouver, BC Real Estate Stats

When it comes to houses for sale in Vancouver, BC, the highest-priced listings can reach nearly $40 million. Note that a $38 million condominium listing has 6,652 square feet, but just 4 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom and four partial bathrooms. A single-family home listing at $35 million provides more in terms of space and amenities, as it has 12,619 square feet, 2 full baths and 6 partial baths, along with 6 bedrooms. One very modestly-priced condo listing is just $649,000 and offers 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms, though just 716 square feet.

Therefore, it is beneficial to pay close attention to the statistics in the listings, check out any and all pictures, and visit these locations when they have open houses. This will give one a greater clarity on which dwelling will be best for him/her to purchase in Vancouver.

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