Do You Have to Pay Utility Bills When Living in a Student Apartment in FL?

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Everyone who’s lived on their own knows that utility bills are inevitable. Whether you’re living in an expensive house or a tiny one-bedroom apartment, you can’t escape paying for water, gas, heat, and other utilities. But does the same rule apply for student apartments near FSU in Tallahassee?

Do You Have to Pay for Utilities When Living in a Student Apartment?

When living in a student apartment, you have to pay for utilities. However, instead of paying individual bills for water, gas, WiFi, etc., you’ll only pay a small monthly fee that covers everything. This fee is tacked on to your monthly rental fee, so you’ll pay for your utilities at the same time that you pay for rent.

Your utility fee covers everything in the apartment: water, electricity, heat, AC, WiFi, and TV channels. It’s all hooked up and ready to go, so you won’t have to do anything when you enter your apartment for your first time. Just make sure you keep up with the bills every month.

If you’re planning on renting student apartments near FSU in Tallahassee, check out the Alight West Tenn website. The website offers floor plans, apartment rates, utility fees and everything else you need to know before you sign a contract. You can also learn about the different amenities that the complex offers, including a pool, clubhouse, 24-hour gym and fully furnished apartments. To learn more, you can chat with a representative, contact the staff at the facility or apply for a unit on the website.

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