Efficiency Apartments in Clemson, SC: What Features Make the Place a Home?

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Single people who are looking for a place to live would do well to focus on efficiency apartments in Clemson, SC. While the units may be compact, they should include features that make it easy to arrange the furnishings and have a sense of living in a larger space. Here are some of the essentials that will make the rented space a true home.


The ability to let a great deal of natural light into the space creates the illusion of more square footage. It helps if the unit comes with a balcony and a set of sliding doors at one end of the main room. With this approach, it’s easier to choose a sleeper sofa that is fine for day use and will fold out to create a comfortable bed at night.


Having enough storage space to put away things will make it easier to keep the place in order. Clutter is not attractive in any setting, but it’s especially troublesome in efficiency apartments in Clemson, SC. When inspecting the unit, check the dimensions and the number of closets in the space. Ideally, there should be one that’s large enough for the clothing, one that will do for linens, and possibly a smaller spare on off the kitchen for cleaning supplies.

Cabinet Space

Expect the kitchen to be compact and equipped with quite a bit of cabinet space. This works out well since it eliminates the need for a china cabinet in the dining area. It also means there is enough room to store appliances that are not used frequently in the backs of cabinets that are harder to reach. Keep in mind that if the cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, that creates space to add decorative elements like cookbooks, old utensils, and other treasures. By having the more decorative elements overhead, there is more room on the countertop for food preparation.

Visit The Reserve at Clemson today and find out what they currently have available in the way of efficiency apartments. Arrange to visit the units and check the layout carefully. One of those apartments may turn out to be the ideal place to settle in and be comfortable for the next few years.

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