Ask These Three Questions as You Search for Off-Campus Student Housing

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Asking the right questions is key to finding student housing that is right for you. Here are the top three questions you should ask is you examine your options for student apartments in Stillwater, OK.

Living in a dorm on campus is going to give you the best location when it comes to conveniently getting to and from university classes. However, there are a lot of downsides with living on campus. When looking at student apartments in Stillwater, OK, that are located off campus, ask how close they are to campus. If you have to walk just a few blocks or if the place offers a shuttle to and from campus, you will still enjoy the convenience and all the other perks that come with living in your own place.

Next, ask what amenities are included. The amenities that are offered will affect your life in several ways. For example, when you look at your budget, you may be willing to pay a little more for a place that offers in-unit laundry, an on-site gym, and a swimming pool if you don’t have to spend money to go to a laundromat or to get a gym membership. The right amenities will add comfort and convenience to your life.

The third question you should ask has to do with roommates. Make sure you are compatible with the people you choose to live with when it comes to cleanliness, noise, guests, and other matters that will affect your quality of life.

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