Chula Vista is a Safe, Friendly Place for a Short-Term Rental

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Real Estate

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There are many reasons to consider short term rentals in Chula Vista. For example, military staff often need a short-term rental near the base. Corporations also sometimes maintain a short-term rental for visiting executives. A fully-furnished month-to-month apartment is a place to call home, without making a long-term commitment.

Many short term rentals in Chula Vista will rate your rent within the military’s basic allowance for housing rates. Your rent will be completely paid for, your home will be furnished, allowing you to enjoy your time in San Diego even more.

Best of all, Chula Vista is a nice area, with a very low crime rate. It also has plenty of shopping and public transportation within easy distance. It’s a friendly, community that gets high marks from the people who live there. It’s also a short distance to the North Island Naval Air Station and the 32nd Street Naval Base. You can live off-base in a diverse community, but still, be within minutes of your job.

The low crime rates and friendly community also make Chula Vista ideal for corporate housing. By maintaining a short-term rental, your company can provide visiting executives with a place to call home. It can also be used to reward your best employees with a nice vacation near the ocean.

If you plan to spend a month or more in the San Diego area, consider a month-to-month apartment in Chula Vista.

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