Understanding Tenant Rights When Seeking an Apartment for Rent in Ames

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Real Estate

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When someone is seeking an apartment for rent in Ames and this will be his or her first experience with renting, it’s important to understand the rights of tenants. Learning a small amount of essential information helps the person focus on landlords who are reputable and will not behave in illegal or unscrupulous ways. One of the most obvious aspects is that the rental property must be safe for residents and not have damage that compromises health and well-being. There should not be any broken windows, malfunctioning plumbing or heating, or appliances that don’t work. Landlords are not required to supply a refrigerator or stove, but if those appliances are in the apartment, they should be in good working order.

Not everyone wants to sign a lease for an apartment for rent in Ames. They worry this will lock them into a rental agreement for a longer period of time than they feel comfortable with. The lease protects renters as well as landlords, however. For example, if leases for an apartment complex prohibit dogs, the renters have due recourse if someone in the building acquires a dog that barks for hours on end. Landlords also cannot arbitrarily evict a renter for reasons such as wanting to rent the apartment to a relative. They can choose not to renew the lease, but cannot legally break it for such a reason.

Security deposits are nearly always required, and landlords can charge any amount they choose. A year-long lease is most common, but many landlords offer six-month, three-month and even month-to-month leases. These allow a person more flexibility if he or she knows there’s a possibility of wanting to move before a year has gone by. If this individual finds the perfect apartment but the landlord asks for a one-year lease, it doesn’t hurt to request a contract for a shorter time frame.

Applications for apartment rental cannot include questions about race or religion. Those questions will never be seen on applications from companies such as Furman Realty, which rents apartments and sells the residential property as well. Please visit the website  to view information about and photos of available apartments.

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