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Understanding How Officers’ Housing in Norfolk Works

The majority of civilians have a hazy understanding of military life. According to research, comprehending the military culture and lifestyle is difficult for those who have never served in the military.

Although the problems of transferring from military to civilian life are frequently highlighted, one component of military life that is rarely discussed is military officers’ housing in Norfolk.

Housing Is Not Free

If you’re like most others, you assume that the government provides housing for military soldiers and their families in the same way it provides uniforms, jobs, and healthcare. And while they do offer this kind of stuff, it’s not exactly how you are thinking.

There are several exceptions to government housing, and most crucially, it comes at a cost. To help offset the expense of housing, a portion of the member’s compensation is set aside for Basic Housing Allowance or BAH. Furthermore, military housing is not the same for every service member due to differences in military rank, location, and family situations.

Housing Options Vary by Rank

There are two types of military housing: on-base housing and off-base housing. When a military member lives on a military installation, this is referred to as on-base housing. When a service person resides away from or near a military facility, this is referred to as off-base housing, which includes officers’ housing in Norfolk.

It’s worth noting that the living quarters for officers and enlisted personnel start tiny but grow in size as they advance in rank. Always keep in mind that housing at each military base will be different. For more information, please visit Boardwalk Realty & Development.