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3 Benefits of Taking Advantage of Student Apartments in College

In the past, college students were only limited to dorm rooms if they wanted access to student living opportunities. In recent years, however, that has changed. Now, students have a plethora of options to choose from regarding house design, pricing, and amenities. Off-campus apartments are the next best thing. Here are three huge benefits of taking advantage of student apartments near UGA.

1. Roommate Matching

If you go for university housing, you’re most likely going to have a roommate selected at random by the university. Most students that opt for off-campus housing are usually able to choose their own roommates. They also have the option of getting roommates through roommate-matching services. This feature is offered by the property managers. If you go this route, you can select someone based on mutual interests, hobbies, and other preferences, making the living situation much more harmonious and relatable.

2. Privacy

Although resident assistants can be very useful on college campuses, they won’t allow you to have the most privacy. If you go for off-campus housing, you’ll have a bit more privacy, since most student apartments near UGA give students the option to have individual bedrooms. If not, you’d still have enough space to get some privacy in the common areas which are larger and not as readily available on campus.

3. Furnished Spaces

Off-campus renters have the luxury of choosing furnished or unfurnished rooms. Furnished spaces are beneficial since it frees up space in your wallet and prevent you from having to stress about decor and basic furnishings. These spaces can also include appliances and amenities like internet and microwaves, as well as larger fridges that aren’t accessible on campus.

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