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Staging Tips for Luxury Real Estate in Ventura County

Staging a high-end home is not the same as staging a regular home. But what makes a home luxurious? Luxury homes are usually bigger and have more unique and rare features. They vary from city to city and from state to state. Luxury can also be about how and where you live and may have less to do with the property itself.

When selling luxury real estate in Ventura County, it’s important to remember that the buyer isn’t like a typical home buyer. The following tips for staging a luxury home can help it stand out and let the buyer imagine living the life they’ve worked so hard to afford.

Add Art

Pieces from Ross Dress for Less, where some “home stagers” like to shop, won’t impress a wealthy or successful home buyer. Art is where you can add big, bold, and unique pieces that make a room look more designer-like and impressive. Stagers can get these pieces from many places, including some consignment shops. You want to find unique art that will fit the bill and impress a buyer of a luxury home.

Decorative Accents

People who buy luxury real estate in Ventura County don’t want what everyone else has. They like unique styles and accessories that make you say, “That’s cool. I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Regarding luxury staging, don’t use accessories all over Instagram or trendy pieces found at big box retailers. These are for the masses, and people who buy luxury homes like to stand out and show off their style and individuality.

To wow a luxury home buyer, get your accessories from more exclusive stores and be ready to spend a little more. You can find unique accessories at various places. Just make sure to choose unusual things that look expensive.

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