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Property Management in Henderson Includes Tenant Services

When people think of rental management, they often think that the service is only extended to the property owner. However, rental management firms also are designed to assist tenants. Services include showing rentals, collecting application fees, and qualifying prospects.

Some of the Usual Requirements

One thing that professionals in property management in Henderson require is that tenants obtain renters’ insurance. Tenants should supply the firm with a copy of their renters’ insurance before they move into an apartment or house. In addition, tenants must show, before they move into a rental, that the utilities have been placed in their name. Lease terms are generally for a minimum of 12 months.

When property management companies oversee rentals, they normally require a security deposit that is equal to the rent for a month and an advanced monthly rental payment. Non-refundable pet fees are typically required in the rental charges, if applicable.

Special Rules to Note

When pets are allowed in a rental property, property management companies usually have specific mandates. However, they normally are lenient about accepting pets for tenants with disabilities. Pet owners who are disabled must furnish a written authorization from a medical provider in order to keep pets in their houses or apartments.

Usually the rent can be paid online or mailed to the rental company. Tenants can also walk into the rental management office during the workday. Routine inspections are also normally required twice yearly. By taking these measures, management companies can better serve the property owners that they represent. Everything is done to attract and retain tenants so an investor or owner can realize a better return on his or her rental property.

When the services of a rental management firm are used, both tenants and property owners benefit. Keeping things organized for a property owner also leads to a better rapport with residents. Whether you are a property owner or prospective tenant, you have more options when you work with firms that specialize in rental management.