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Why Is Living Off Base Worth It?

Almost every member of the military has to face one important question when it comes to finding housing for themselves and their families. That question is whether to look for housing on base or off base. There are many reasons to choose one over the other; however, many families find military housing in San Diego is not only easier to acquire, but the better option out of the two. Read on to learn why living off base may be the best choice to make when choosing military housing in San Diego.

More Freedom

Lots of on base housing options come with restrictions on what you can and cannot do with your home. You may not be able to decorate the outside of your home however you want, especially when holidays come around. You may not be able to own pets of a certain breed. This second point can be a huge point of contention for some families, especially those who already owned their pet before they became a military family. Living in off base military housing in San Diego eliminates all of these inconveniences, making it easier to maintain the lifestyle you want.

Better Work-Life Balance

It may be harder to really relax on your days off when work is (literally) so close to home! You will essentially always be in a work environment, even during times where you’re supposed to be relaxing with family. All of your neighbors are military-affiliated and your base is a coin’s toss away. This problem is greatly reduced when you choose to live in off base military housing in San Diego. Home will be far from your stationed military base, and you’ll be more likely to have neighbors who aren’t involved in the military like you are. What could be a better way to kick back and unwind after those long days on base?

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