Best Amenities for a Pet-Friendly Apartment Near Norfolk

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Real Estate

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Rental property owners are trying to make their houses pet-friendly to attract more tenants. This has led to stunning apartment designs with exclusive amenities that every pet owner would love. So, what are the various facilities that make a pet-friendly apartment near Norfolk stand out?

Treat Station

Furry pets and other animals love a good treat. What better way to make them feel appreciated and excited than by offering them yummy treats? Apartments create unique ways to form a lasting impression on pet owners and keep pets happy by providing treat stations in lobbies and designated areas. Some also offer toys for them to play with and add water bowl stations.

Play Areas

High-energy pets love to play around and exercise. Given the nature of apartment buildings, owners should create play areas for the pets to run around and play. Having a private park for animals makes an apartment stand out and is a cool marketing strategy.

Wash Station

A pet-friendly apartment near Norfolk should have a designated wash station. This is a win-win for both the residents and the property owners. As a pet parent, you need a designated space to wash and groom your pets easily. All you need is a hose, towel, conditioner, and other amenities. It also benefits homeowners because they won’t have to deal with pet hair clogging in the bathrooms, and it will keep the dirt off.

Pet Daycare

One last thoughtful way to attract more tenants is to offer daycare for owners who want to leave their pets. It is convenient when there are professionals in the building to help, and the best part is that it also benefits the owners because they can charge a small fee for the service.

Pet-Friendly Apartments Near Norfolk

Creating a pet-friendly apartment near Norfolk is great for business. It is a unique way to gain more clients with pets since they will be drawn to an apartment building offering amenities for their animals to enjoy. Find a pet-friendly apartment today!

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