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3 Reasons You Should Choose to Stay in On-Campus Housing in Costa Mesa

Orange Coast College on campus housing offers a broad range of benefits that you might not know about as you determine your living situation. When you spend next semester living on campus, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being close to class. Additionally, there are more reasons to consider staying in an on-campus unit.

Better Chance of Graduating

Studies have found that students who live on campus have a 25% higher chance of completing their education. Some studies showed that students who continued to live on campus for more than one year increased their chances for graduation. This suggests that the proximity of classrooms, libraries, and computer labs helped students perform better and meet their educational obligations.

Save More Money

On campus housing provides the opportunity for you to save money on your monthly expenses. In most situations, your rent will cover your utility expenses, which means you won’t have to budget for those bills separately. Additionally, the meal plan that’s included with your tuition will help you save on groceries and dining out.

Enjoy an Active Social Life

Orange Coast College on campus housing also keeps you close to the action throughout the semester. You’ll always have something to do during your free time when you live on campus. That might include attending an outdoor concert, going to a lecture, or meeting friends in the student union. If you’re looking for something to do, it won’t take you long to find an exciting activity.

To learn more about living on campus visit The Harbour at Orange Coast College today.