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Sell a Chicago House for Cash: The Quick, Easy Sale of Homeowners’ Dreams

Putting a house on the market is a lengthy, often complex process with many prerequisites. Repairs and staging add further complication. Then there are all of the associated fees. A quick keyword search using the phrase “sell my house fast in Chicago” returns a host of viable possibilities that let homeowners skip the traditional selling route and fast-track their way to an easy, lucrative sale.

Private House Buyers With Cash to Spare

Private house buyers are the new way to sell a Chicago home for cash in record time. A private house sale is a direct-to-customer sale that skips all of the middlemen associated with traditional house sales via real estate agent.

With a house buyer, there are no required repairs, no staging, no open houses, no stacks of paperwork and no real estate agent commissions. The process works like this: the homeowner submits his/her info to the private house buyer. If the house meets certain criteria, the buyer meets with the owner and tours the house. The buyer then makes a fair, obligation-free cash offer. Done.

Pros, Cons, Fine Print

Selling a home to a private investor sounds too good and too easy to be true. The private investor is the factor that makes everything so simple. The investor makes a quick, honest cash offer that takes a house’s market value, location and necessary repairs into account. That’s why homeowners can sell a livable house in any condition for a fair cash price in no time at all.

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