Reasons to Hire Residential Property Management in Henderson

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Real Estate

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People renting out residential property can sometimes handle their own property management, but this is nearly always because they own only one small multifamily unit. Many property owners, however, stand to benefit and save money in the long run by hiring a residential property management service from a reliable company. This service can do a number of things for your property and for you as the owner, from maintaining cash flow to ensuring tenants are content in their homes.


If you own multiple residential properties for rent, especially if you own both single-family and multi-family properties, you need residential property management in Henderson to help with screening. Most owners do not have access to tenant screening and credit check software, and some tenants may attempt to take advantage of this fact. A reliable and highly effective property management company can not only help you properly and completely screen prospective tenants, but they can in turn help you fill vacancies with reliable tenants you can trust to keep payment deadlines.

Rental Law

To own residential property of any kind, you must know at least the basics of rental law, as there are a number of standards of compliance that you cannot fail to meet. In many cases, state fines are issued due to a failure to comply with the law, and tenants are often awarded monetary damages in these cases. By bringing the right professionals onto the case from the very start, you can get the residential property management service you need to protect yourself from a potential mistake.

Lower Eviction Rate

With thorough screening, years of experience, and a strong understanding of rental law, property management companies can help you significantly reduce your eviction rate. About 14 out of 15 evictions occur in residential properties that are owner-managed, meaning you could dramatically reduce this problem. Avoiding even one eviction would more than pay for the professional management cost. Like us on facebook.

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