Ready to Sell your Home? Get the Facts First!

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Property Consultant

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As a homeowner, you already know that getting your house on the market in a way that is agreeable to you can be more than a little difficult, but it can be done! The trick is to find a good realtor that cares about your home, so what exactly is it that you are looking for? A company that gets you on the hook with a line like ‘We buy houses in Trenton’ needs to cater to your needs which might be simple, but still there nonetheless.

Fees and Commissions

Most realtors require that you pay fees or commissions on their service once the sale is completed, but there are also a few that do not. This will save you money and get you to the closing faster.

Quick Closings

One of the most painful parts of selling a home is waiting for the closing. Or, in other words, that day the contract is signed, and you receive the money. Well, if you have the right realtor on your side, then this can happen sooner than you think. Rather than waiting weeks or even months for your closing, you could have it in as little as seven days.

Home Condition

What condition does the realtor want to buy the home in? With some realtors, you will get an as-is purchase meaning you don’t need to lift a finger. Rather than cleaning or repairing, you can quickly sell your home and leave the rest to them.

Selling your home does not have to be difficult so long as you can find the right realtor. Keep up your search and get the money in your pocket as quickly as possible.

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