Property Management in Chicago: Scope, Roles, and Skills

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Real Estate

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Property management is a broad term that is generally used to describe the oversight of real estate by a specific person or company. Those who perform the tasks involved in property management are called property managers.

Scope of Property Management

There are many roles that fall under property management in Chicago. Especially in a larger firm, defining a position is helpful for ensuring efficiency. Survey managers, for example, are used to plan the layout of a property, including its dimensions, and handle all the necessary legal work associated with describing the property. Architectural managers, on the other hand, create the actual design of a property while consulting with the company who hired them.

Example of Traditional Property Management

Generally speaking, property managers are responsible for the oversight and operations of property and this includes executing several different tasks. Firstly, they are required to maintain the necessary financial paperwork for the property in question. Their clients, or the owners of the property, generally own several pieces of real estate and a property manager eases the burden of tracking the property’s financials. They’re also required to run the general operations including maintenance and repair, hiring necessary employees, and managing any vacancies. A property manager is normally the first person who tenants address whenever they have issues. As such, property managers help to enforce the provisions of a lease and resolve conflicts when they arise.

Skills in Property Management

People employed in property management must have a strong base of interpersonal and communication skills as they are always dealing with clients, tenants, and various other employees. Since there is a lot of legal paperwork involved in maintaining and operating a property, they must also be highly organized and efficient. Lastly, property managers should also be skilled negotiators in order to settle disputes between tenants without upsetting them.

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