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Move into an Apartment with a View

Are you tired of your apartment having the same boring view or no view at all? Would you like to live close to the ocean? You can rent an apartment that is approximately 90 feet from the ocean. There is nothing like going to sleep with the sounds of the ocean to lure you into a relaxed state of mind. Whether you like to surf or swim, this is a great opportunity to wake near the peaceful ocean and take a short walk to the beach. One great benefit of an ocean view apartment is that sometimes your utilities are included. Do not miss out on the beautiful ocean view you can enjoy all year long.

Benefits You May Get With an Apartment
*On-site Parking
*Oceanfront Pool
*Large Balconies
*Evening Doorman
*Partial and Full View of the Ocean
*Available Maintenance – Six Days a Week

The Neighborhood You Want to Live In
There are several factors you should consider before you move. What is the area like? Do you have easy access to get around?  What amenities are offered to you? These are all important things, to ensure that you will be happy in your new apartment. If you are looking for apartments for rent in Monmouth, NJ, there are plenty of prime properties available to rent. This area has a mall, so you can be sure all your shopping needs would be met. You also have access to a commuter train, country clubs, a golf course, bus station, racetrack and a medical center.  You will have everything nearby when you choose to live in a Monmouth County apartment.

Floor Plans That May Be Available
When you are looking for an apartment, you can typically find several different apartment floor plans to meet your needs. Apartments can typically offer anything from a studio, to a two bedroom and up. Most apartments also come with appliances included, but you should ask to be sure. A lot of floor plans are different from apartment to apartment, but one thing some have in common is an open concept. An open concept allows for more space in your living room and typically will mean you have larger bedrooms as well. This gives you more room and allows you to enjoy your view from almost anywhere in your apartment. If you love the water, then there is no better location to live than Monmouth County.