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Luxury Apartments in Chelsea NYC

Although luxury apartment buyers look for several amenities, studies have shown the top two are having a doorman and being able to keep a pet. When asked, potential buyers of luxury apartments in Chelsea NYC say they want to live in a building that has a doorman. The same group of people also want to live in a building that provides concierge services. Although the responsibilities of the two are similar, a doorman offers security and service at the door while a concierge is there to help smooth over the daily challenges often faced by residents. The concierge is there to accept deliveries, ensure that visiting guests are ushered into the apartment, make dinner reservations, and often, find tickets to hot Broadway plays.

Many older buildings provide space for a swimming pool or a gym in the basement. This may have been the case in the past, but no more. Today, the best condos for sale in NYC are bringing these amenities up from the darkness and putting them in pride of place higher in the building. Today, expect to find a private yoga studio, a fully outfitted fitness center that overlooks the city and a swimming pool featuring a lounge area, whirlpool, and poolside shower. New York City residents do not have the benefit of a great deal of space. As such, a gathering place that includes a tastefully decorated resident’s lounge, private dining facilities, a game room, and a business center become a must.

Just because people elect to live at Fifteen Hudson Yards, does not mean they do not need storage space. Whether it is storage space for a bicycle, furnishings that are not in current use, or access to a wine cellar, people want space. Then there are the children. Just as parents have their getaway spaces in the building, so should children. Kids of all ages should be able to pursue their creative side. There should also be convenient access to local parks, schools, and medical facilities.

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