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Five Questions to Help You Choose the Right Student Housing in Birmingham

UAB off-campus housing offers more privacy, space, and amenities than an on-campus dorm. Here are five questions to ask before choosing an off-campus apartment.

Are you choosing the right roommates? After signing a UAB off-campus housing contract, you are pretty much stuck with your roommates. You must make sure you are renting with the right people. Since you will be taking care of essential things together, like property maintenance and bill pay, you want to be sure they are responsible. Other things to consider include cleanliness, noise, schedules, and preferences.

What do current UAB off-campus housing residents think about the apartment you are interested in? If you spent your first year in a dorm on campus, try to find other students who live in off-campus options to see what they think. Also, consult review sites online.

Will you enjoy your life? Your student years should be an enjoyable experience. You will spend a lot of time cooking, relaxing, sleeping, and studying in the apartment complex. Try to secure a property with amenities where you will be able to make happy memories.

What appliances are included? In-unit laundry is convenient and will save you money. A dishwasher will make cleaning up after meals a cinch.

Is the apartment in a convenient location? It should be conveniently located near the university and other frequently visited places.

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