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How to Enhance Your Housing Career With a Broker License

As the housing market moves towards a comeback, many in Utah are seeking to advance their careers by becoming real estate brokers. Obtaining a Utah real estate broker license opens up new paths towards success and increased control over your own career. If you’re considering taking the next step as a real estate professional, learn more about the process and its rewards.

Benefits of a Broker License

As a real estate agent or salesperson, your career starts with you working at someone else’s realty office. However, when licensed as a broker after a few years’ experience as an agent, you become qualified to open and manage your own office. This, along with the benefits of being a member of the National Association of Realtors, gives you the extra freedom and tools to truly take control of your professional life.

What You Need For the License

Besides the licensure exam, a prospective broker should have accumulated a number of credentials up to the application. This means at least three years of real estate experience, as well as at least 60 documented experience points in the past five years. Establishing yourself as a reliable agent who works with integrity and honesty is also vital. You’ll also want to have completed 120 hours at a certified pre-license school – not just for matching the prerequisites, but also to ace the exam.

Real Estate Pre-License Schools

As preparation for your broker exam, you’ll complete 120 hours of training in real estate law and practices for the state of Utah, a comprehensive summary of what you’ve learned and will need to know in the future.. This is broken down as follows:

  • Broker Management – 12 hours
  • Property Management – 24 hours
  • Advanced Appraisal – 24 hours
  • Advanced Finance – 24 hours
  • Advanced Real Estate Law – 24 hours
  • Utah License Law – 12 hours

The Utah Real Estate Broker Exam

Testing to obtain your Utah real estate broker license doesn’t require waiting for a given registration date; once you’ve applied and then completed your training over the next few weeks, you’re ready for the exam. The exam is broken up into two four-hour parts, covering laws and procedures at both the national and state levels. If you pass the first portion, you can take the second anytime within 6 months, giving you room to prepare and flexibility for scheduling.

Even if you don’t plan to open your own real estate office, becoming a broker can be a strong step towards greater success in your career. If you’re already a skilled agent, you have what it takes to obtain a Utah real estate broker license in just a matter of weeks.