Companies Claiming ‘We Buy Ugly Houses’ in Massachusetts Save Time

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Real Estate

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You’ve likely seen advertisements from companies that claim ‘we buy ugly houses’ in Massachusetts. They want you to know that you have other options available to you than traditional realtors. As the name states, these companies buy houses in any condition. The term ‘ugly’ usually means that the outside hasn’t been painted in a while. It can also mean that there are significant issues with the home, such as a caved-in roof, holes in the walls, and more.

Easy to Sell

The goal for you is to sell the house fast and easily. You want to get the best price, but you don’t want to put more money into the house. You may find that realtors want you to improve the home and may require that you fix issues. You can’t sell quickly and easily if you have to take months to invest in property care that you can’t afford.

You also don’t want to wait for an interested buyer. With traditional selling, the house has to be listed on a variety of websites and channels. People can browse at their leisure, and while your real estate agent is likely to host open houses and do other things to generate interest, you’re still waiting for someone to have the means and like the house.

Less Time Wasted

With traditional selling, you must find the right real estate agent, which can take time. You should shop around, not just choose the first person you come across. Once you’ve done this, you have to listen to their recommendations and make the changes they want. Then, you’re waiting for a buyer.

With a home investment company, you just have to research the legitimacy of the company; everything else is handled for you. Contact Apex Investments, LLC for more information.

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