Companies Claim ‘We Buy Homes for Cash’ in Sacramento: Considerations

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Real Estate

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You can now find a variety of companies that claim “we buy homes for cash” in Sacramento. These companies are usually made up of investors who want to make a profit while also helping you out of a bind. If you’re like many people, you know that traditional selling is a time-consuming task. It can take months of renovations before the real estate agent even begins to market your home. Then, it can take months or sometimes years to find a potential buyer who can get a loan. Plus, they are going to want to negotiate price, which means you aren’t likely to get the asking price anyway.

Investment companies know that you’re probably short of time and want to work quickly, especially if you call them. Therefore, they streamline the process.

Target Particular People

These cash-for-homes companies usually focus on helping a particular set of people, such as those who have tried to sell for years without closing, people going through foreclosure and bankruptcy, people in the middle of a divorce, and more. You may also be an owner of a house for rent and can’t get rid of tenants or have a vacant home that you can’t rent or sell. These investment companies take them all because they have the time and money to put into taking care of any legal issues, fixing up the place, and getting it ready to sell or rent.

How It Works

While each company is different, most of these investment companies talk to you on the phone or through email to determine why you’re selling and talk about any issues with the house. A representative might schedule a walkthrough, though that might not be necessary. Regardless, everyone collaborates and comes up with a number, usually less than the full market value. Acceptance of the offer streamlines the closing process so that you get your cash.

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