How Can a Residential Real Estate Attorney in Chicago Help You

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Real Estate

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In Illinois, real property laws apply to a variety of circumstances. These include property disputes, real estate transactions, and issues that may arise from rental property agreements. Consumers, buyers and tenants may be affected by these situations and need legal assistance. The following are details about ways residential real estate attorneys in Chicago can help local residents.

Protecting a Buyer During a Property Purchase

The real estate lawyer helps a buyer by protecting their interests in a real estate transaction. They manage the title search and provide title insurance to protect them from a financial loss. The insurance provides the buyer with a refund of any down payment or earnest money if the transaction is stopped. Additionally, the attorney assesses their financing and the closing documentation to prevent a new issue later on.

Settle a Property Dispute Between Neighbors

Property disputes arise when a property owner wants to install retaining walls, fences, or designs that are close to their neighbor’s property. These disputes are based on the location of the property lines. The attorney can require a survey of the land to determine these property lines and define whether or not the property owner can install this new fixture legally.

Protecting a Tenant from an Unethical Landlord

They protect a tenant from an unethical landlord by preventing an unlawful eviction. For example, the attorney reviews the lease to identify the terms of the lease related to evictions and property damage. The attorney can also help the tenant if they become the defendant in a lawsuit related to damage that they didn’t cause. They can also enforce the terms of the lease such as maintenance requirements and repairs. The attorney can also enforce real estate laws related to a failure to provide a safe property for the tenant.

In Illinois, real estate laws enable attorneys to protect the interests of buyers, tenants, and property owners. They help settle disputes about property lines, the terms of a lease, and issues that may arise during a property sale. Local residents who need help from residential real estate attorneys in Chicago can contact Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells for more info now.

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