5 Tips for Finding the Best Student Apartments Near One’s Campus

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Apartment Building

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Finding the right housing makes all the difference between a great year and a stressful college experience. With so many student apartments in Riverside, CA, the selection process can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to find comfortable student housing that sets one up for success.

Determine the Budget

Students’ housing budgets run the gamut. Whether one is using financial aid to pay for housing or privately paying, consider the monthly costs. Does the apartment include all utilities and parking or are these separate? Make a realistic budget and look for housing that matches that number.


How close is the apartment complex to the campus? If one doesn’t have a vehicle, proximity matters. If it’s farther than walking distance, does the complex offer transportation services such as shuttle services? Is the apartment complex on a bus line?

Lease Options

A great leasing option for college students is individual leases. Unlike traditional leases where all parties are equally responsible for making the rent, individual leases don’t put your housing situation in danger if a roommate flakes on their rent.


A student’s home away from home shouldn’t feel bland and uninspiring. Students thrive when they have access to amenities like pools, fitness centers, and other activities that let them relax. The best student apartments offer resort-style features.

Plug-and-Play Apartments

When a student moves into one of these apartments, they can unpack and get right to work without worrying about scheduling WiFi or cable installation services. Many of these apartments also include completely furnished units.

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