What You Need To Know About Off-Campus Housing in Tuscaloosa, AL

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Apartment Building

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There are many perks to living on campus, including being right in the middle of the action. However, sometimes, that action gets to be a little too much. If you’ve done the on-campus life and are ready to strike out on your own, then looking at student apartments in Tuscaloosa, AL, might just be the right way to go. Below are some great tips for what to consider when choosing off-campus housing.

Commute Time

The first thing you should consider when it comes to off-campus apartments is the location. Without being on campus, you will need to commute to get to class. If you don’t have a car or means of transport that you own, then you are going to want to choose a place that is close to public transport. Further, make sure you know exactly how long it takes to get to campus and how long it might take to find parking.


A great way to still stay super connected to campus life and your college is to have roommates. This way, you still have friends and peers near, which means you won’t be missing out on college life. However, you want to be sure to choose roommates who you will get along with. Setting up clear house rules about cleaning, noise, and chores can help ensure a great roommate relationship.

Extra Expenses

Last, you want to have a firm budget in mind that includes everything from utilities to base rent. Make sure that you choose a place that you can easily afford. Remember, living on campus means a lot of your living expenses are covered by tuition, and you will need to incur those expenses when living off campus.

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