Thoroughly Inspect a West Lafayette Apartment Before Signing the Lease

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Apartment Building

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If you have ever rented a car, you know that it is important to inspect the car for damage before leaving the rental agency. Any dings or dents on the body of the car and any stains on the carpet or seats need to be noted on the lease agreement so that you are not held responsible for them later. When looking at student apartments near Purdue University campus, you need to apply this same idea before you sign a lease.

Perform a thorough inspection of an apartment you are thinking about renting. Look at the appliances, faucets, electrical outlets, and light fixtures. Examine the carpeting, tile, and paint. Make sure the landlord is aware of any items that are damaged. They may be able to fix them before you move in. Or the pre-existing damage can be noted in the lease. This will prevent you from being responsible for paying for it when you move out.

When looking at student apartments near the Purdue University campus and signing a lease, you want to be sure that information regarding costs associated with the apartment is laid out. You should know exactly how much you will pay each month and when rent will be due. You should find out who is responsible for paying for services like snow removal and lawn maintenance. Find out how much may be taken from your deposit automatically for cleaning and general repairs.

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