The Growing Trend for Student Apartments Reaches Wilmington, NC

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Apartment Building

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There’s a growing trend in student housing. It is quickly becoming very popular because it is nothing like dorm life. That trend is student apartments that are set up just like adult apartments anywhere else in the world. The trend is growing so rapidly that it has even come down to settle in Wilmington, NC. These student apartments in Wilmington offer things that set them apart from student dorms. Take a look.

No Forty Students to a Floor

Old student dorms typically house 40 or more students to a single floor and stack three to six floors or more into a dorm. That is an outdated recipe for disaster because no one studies well and everyone ends up sick because of the people packed into a small space. With these student apartments in Wilmington and other college towns, students can room with one, two or three others in a very homey, luxury resort-type of abode. Every apartment house contains a full kitchen and bathrooms for every person living in a building. Porch swings, pools, fitness rooms, jacuzzis and more are available for students in their off-times. If one student in one building becomes sick, he or she can quarantine in his/her room that is closed off from the other bedrooms in the same building.

Price of Rent Is Per Person, Per Month, Teaching Young Adults Responsibility

Dorms are typically included in room and board fees for a college. These fees are covered by financial aid. Apartments are different. Every young adult sees what it costs to live in an apartment every month and learns the responsibility to pay rent.

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