Reasons to Use a Professional House-Buying Company In Michigan

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Real Estate

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People are busy today and often don’t have time to wait two or three months to sell their homes. Some may also need to extricate themselves from difficult situations, such as foreclosures or divorces. Whatever your situation, a professional Michigan house-buying company can help you. Here’s how.

Easy Process

The first step in selling to a professional house buyer in Michigan is to contact a company and make an appointment for a buying specialist to see your house. If the company is interested in your property, it will likely make you an offer within a day or two.

Fast Sale

In most cases, an experienced house-buying company in Michigan can complete a purchase within a couple of weeks. This gives the entity time to contact its attorney for the closing and get all of the contract forms prepared.

Cash Offer

Professional house buyers in Michigan will typically pay sellers with checks. However, the check can easily be converted into cash for any purpose, such as buying a condo or paying off any lingering debt.

No Repairs

An experienced homebuyer outfit will usually not expect you to make any repairs. In fact, many of these companies prefer to repair drywall and appliances themselves as they remodel properties. They can then sell the units at significant profits.

High Acceptance Rate

Top professional house buyers in Michigan will often enjoy high acceptance rates by home sellers. In fact, some of these companies will purchase as many as one of every two houses they make offers on. These companies also have many satisfied customers.

Selling to a professional Michigan home buying company will enable you to avoid closing costs and a real estate commission. This can save you $5,000, $8000, and even more, based on your home’s final selling price.

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