Quality Beachside Military Apartments In Norfolk

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Real Estate

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For service members training or working at the Norfolk Naval Station, living off-base and in an apartment on the beach may seem like an option that is out of their budget range. However, there are several rental and development companies that offer fully upgraded and renovated military apartments in the area.

Pet-Friendly Options

One reason why military officers may be looking for off-basemilitary apartments is to be able to keep their pets with them even when stationed in the area. Not all apartments are pet-friendly, but some allow for a cat, a small dog, or birds and fish.

If pets are a requirement, be sure to start looking for apartments in the area well in advance of your travel and lodging requirements. Choosing an apartment that is close to places to walk and exercise your pet will also be a consideration.

Features and Amenities

On-site or laundry facilities in the apartment are another plus to consider in military apartments. This makes it easy to do laundry without having to leave your place. Other amenities to look for include full appliances, storage space, deck or patio space, and the overall design and features of the rooms and living space.

Some of the top apartments, duplexes, and redesigned cottages and houses in the Norfolk area also offer beautiful landscaping and beach-front views and access. Having the ability to step out of your home and onto the beach makes your stay seem like a true vacation.

If you are looking for quality military apartments in the Norfolk area that have beachfront views and access, see our properties at Boardwalk Realty & Development. For a full description of our apartments, visit our website at

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