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Live in The Life of Luxury in Student Apartment Minutes From Campus

The college years are some of the most exciting, albeit at times overwhelming, chapters of your life. So why not enjoy it by choosing to stay at student living apartments in Baton Rouge rather than a tiny campus dorm. You’ll have room to roam and enjoy fantastic community amenities, a private bedroom to hide away for long study sessions, and 24-hour on-site management to help you with anything you need.

Fly Solo or Run with The Pack

There are some who dream of forming lifelong friendships with college roommates. However, not everyone is accustomed to sharing their living space with strangers. Whether you’re excited for roomies or not, there is a floorplan option suited for every style. All apartments have single-occupancy bedrooms with locking doors and private bathrooms. Choose between a one-, three-, four- or five-bedroom apartment layout, and the staff will pair you with the perfect roomies if you’re not already moving in with friends.

Features That Support Independence

One of the most significant aspects of the college experience is getting to a point where you don’t have to rely on your parents to care for you. Rather than piling your laundry into the car to take to Mom’s, each student apartment is equipped with a washer and dryer so you can take care of the task without mom’s help.

To learn more about these student living apartments in Baton Rouge and the many community benefits provided for residents, visit the Lark Baton Rouge website today.