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What to Know Before Buying a New Home

Many Americans love the idea of a newly-built, never-occupied home. In a poll by popular real estate website Trulia, a large percentage of Americans – over 40% of those polled – responded that they have a strong preference for new homes over existing or previously-occupied properties.

Living somewhere that no one else has ever occupied can be very alluring. You and your family will make the first memories, put the first wear marks on the floors and walls; it’s a home that can truly be yours, alone. However, there are a few things to consider before investing in a brand-new home.

Know a “Model” Home When You See One

When touring a model home – an example home built to display models you can commission to be custom-built or allow for tours of similar homes available through your builder – you may see fixtures and features that are optional upgrades. Be sure to ask when you see a detail you love whether it’s standard or something you’ll have to pay a bit more for.

Think of the Doors

Similar to the model-like features of new homes designed for touring, these homes may also lack the doors, windows, and furnishings of a typical home. Builders do this to allow for tours to take place without roadblocks. However, it can greatly affect the flow of the room. Consider this before falling in love with a new home for its open feeling.

Ask for Help Navigating the Home-Buying Waters

Finding any kind of home can be a tricky process but choosing a brand-new construction can be even more so. Consider reaching out to a professional for help finding the property of your dreams.

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