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Five Advantages of Selling to a Cash Home-Buying Firm in Seattle

Cash homebuyers started showing up in droves during recent housing crashes. People were underwater with their mortgages and needed a way out to start getting on with their lives. While your situation may not be so dire, you really should consider selling to a cash home buyers in Seattle. And here are some key reasons for doing so.

A Real Cash Deal

Having an actual $100,000 or $200,000 in hand can feel incredible. It’s money you can use to purchase a condo, invest in your kid’s education or take a dream trip. But as in all cash transactions, you’ll be selling your house for less-than-market value. Even though you have that trade-off, cash home buyers in Seattle can save you a lot of the typical hassles that go with selling a house the traditional way.

Choose Your Closing Date

While most home cash-buying companies can consummate a deal within a week or so, you can choose the day of your closing. If you want to close a month for now, you’ll have the leeway to do it. The closing will also go quickly. And forms will already be there for you to sign.

Get House Off Market

Over time, you grow weary from all the calls about your house. You also get sick of cleaning and staging it a hundred times. Once your cash home buyers in Seattle firm purchases your house, you’ll leave all these hassles behind.

No Repairs

When a real estate agent first comes to your house, she often makes recommendations about repairs. And whether you are instructed to fix drywall or upgrade the paneling in your family room, it can get expensive. That’s what makes a cash deal so viable. By the time you make all the repairs, you’d probably end up close to what the cash-buyer offers you.

Improve Neighborhood

If you’re leaving good friends behind, you can rest assured that your Cash House buyers Seattle company will fix the house up and enhance the value of their homes. For more details, contact PNW Home Offer today!