Do Student Apartment Complexes in California Offer Free Parking?

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Student Accommodation Centre

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If you’re looking at Sacramento State off-campus housing, you might find yourself wondering how you’re going to pay your expenses. Rent, utility fees, gas money, food bills, tuition: it all adds up fairly quickly. You’re eager for anything that might help you save a little money. Do you have to pay for parking as well, or are you entitled to free parking when you rent a student apartment?

Do Student Apartment Complexes Offer Free Parking?

In short: it depends on the facility. Some student apartment facilities make you pay for parking throughout the semester. However, other facilities offer free parking to residents. If you find a student housing unit that offers free parking, you might want to reserve your room as soon as possible.

However, if you have a little extra money, some student housing units let you pay extra for reserved or covered parking. This ensures that you’ll always have a parking space and won’t have to expose your vehicle to bad weather. Plus, it’ll be easier to get to class when you can park in the same spot every day and don’t have to spend five minutes searching for your vehicle.

To learn more about Sacramento State off-campus housing, check out the Lark Sacramento website. You can learn about the parking options, see a map of the facility, check out the amenities and more. The website also has a virtual “photo tour” that gives you an idea of what it’d be like to live at Lark.

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