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Condos for Sale in Dallas, TX Are Ideal for Empty Nesters or Affluent Seniors

Baby boomers who are affluent have found that the luxury condos for sale in Dallas are the ideal places to reside when their children leave the “nest.” Also, retirement spent in a luxury condo has a certain appeal, especially in a city such as Dallas. This change in lifestyle definitely produces a definite impact on high-density housing. Baby boomers in this category often feel on the sidelines when it comes to home choices. Therefore, the idea of owning a sky-rise condo has a certain appeal.

A good many affluent empty nesters or seniors choose resort locations in which to settle into a condo. However, living in a city like Dallas allows them to stay active and become a more integral part of the mainstream. One recent study conducted among wealthy seniors asked respondents to contemplate a lifestyle change related to retirement or children leaving the home.

What the Statistics Reveal

According to the research, about 65% of the respondents planned to stay in their current homes. However, compared to the previous generation, this figure was significant. In the previous generation, about 85% of respondents said that they would stay in their family home. That means that 15% to 20% of affluent seniors nowadays want to make a change. Of the households that said that they would move, about 12% said that they would move to a condo downtown while 7% stated they would go to a suburban condo. Around 14% of respondents interested in moving said they would go to a resort locale.

Other Notable Facts

Research also showed that most people living in the central or eastern states planned to move during the empty-nester years. However, this revelation is not all that surprising. Given the winters, maintaining a suburban home in these locales can indeed be a challenge. When people were questioned too, they indicated that they were just as concerned with a unit’s location as well as its features. Therefore, the choice of the location did not outweigh the features or vice-versa. Both were equally important to anyone interested in the condos for sale in Dallas, TX and the metro area.

Seniors and empty nesters said that moving to one of the condos for sale in Dallas, TX would appeal to them because the city permitted them to be close to retail stores and restaurants and enjoy such amenities as a pool, panoramic views, and parking. Most prospective buyers expressed a preference for relatively large condo units, with around 45% of respondents saying that they preferred a condo that was over 2,000 square feet. Around 42% of those surveyed said that they would like a space that was between 1,500 square feet to 2,000 square feet in size. Condos of a smaller size, according to survey respondents, had to be equipped with major amenities.