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Companies Claim ‘We Buy Houses’ in York PA: Considerations

You may find that traditional home selling is a hassle, and most people wish there were a faster and easier way. With companies that claim we buy houses in York PA, you can have a better and faster way to sell your house. Of course, the company you choose makes all the difference, but learning about why these house-flipping companies are beneficial can help you make the right decision.

Sell Quicklyprepared to give you an offer and start the closing process the moment you accept it.

Cash-for-home investors work faster than realtors and even traditional home buyers with cash on hand. They focus on doing a quick walkthrough of your home, giving you an offer, and letting you choose the closing date.

Sometimes, homeowners choose to hire a realtor first because they think their home is in good condition. However, the trouble is finding a buyer with good credit and a pre-approved mortgage loan. Many times, buyers want to nitpick, which means it may take months to complete the process. With an investor, it can take a week or two.

Any Reason

Sometimes, realtors won’t accept your business because of a pending foreclosure or another issue. They don’t want to get involved in your personal life and might worry that they won’t sell the home quickly enough to avoid foreclosure, and so will be left with no home to sell and no commission.

Home investors aren’t concerned with why you want to sell quickly; they are prepared to give you an offer and start the closing process the moment you accept it. Therefore, you could be facing foreclosure, want to avoid bankruptcy (or putting the house as an asset on the bankruptcy), or personal reasons.


Realtors require you to spruce up the place and fix any problems while an investor doesn’t mind if there are cosmetic issues or more significant issues.

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