Chicago: There’s No Need To Have Your House Inspected Or Repaired Before Selling Fast

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Real Estate

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Numerous homeowners run into snags that make selling their homes quickly imperative. While the speed with which their house will sell is quite attractive, there are questions to which homeowners need answers. For instance, will cash buyers in Chicago, require homeowners to have the house repaired or inspected?

How The Process Works

You decide to call the phone number on a sign on a power pole by the roadside. You’re contacting a real estate investor. His job is to evaluate your house, understand why you’re selling, and agree on a price. He’ll get a loan from his other investors with which to pay you, and you’re free to move about the country (thanks, Southwest Airlines.)

He will repair or upgrade your former house as needed, sell it, repay his loan, and make a profit. With this profit, he’ll buy another house to repair and resell.

To Repair Or Not To Repair

If you were going to sell your house on the open market, repairs would be a necessity. Inspections come at the end of the repairs or before listing the house for sale. Should homeowners repair anything before selling to cash buyers in Chicago?

Repairs and inspections are the province of the real estate investor. You’re basically selling your house as-is. While an inspection would give you an idea of comparable selling prices in the neighborhood, it isn’t necessary to the cash sale. I Buy IL will be happy to answer all your quick sale questions when you contact us.

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