Beach Cottages for Rent: Choosing a Neighborhood in Norfolk VA

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Real Estate

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As the saying goes about selling and buying real estate. It is all about location, location, location. This is also valid when looking at beach cottages for rent in Norfolk, Virginia. You need to find the right neighborhood to suit your needs.

The Right Neighborhood

Vacationers are always looking for that dream cottage. They scan through the listings of beach cottages for rent, hoping to find the ideal type of accommodation. In Norfolk, many such cottages exist. They are located on the rivers that flow through town or on the Chesapeake Bay. Two neighborhoods to consider are

North Shore

The North Shore is popular for military personnel. It is close enough to the base to make commuting easy but far enough away to leave the job behind. Shops are nearby as are the Hermitage Museum and Gardens and the Sewells Point Golf Course.

Ocean View

As the name suggests, the ocean is nearby. What better place to look for a beach cottage for the summer months? Ocean View beaches are star attractions in this city. They include Ocean View Beach, Sarah Constant Beach, Community Beach, Sturgis Street Beach and East Beach are a few of the more common ones. Each draws its crowd of admirers.

Beach Rentals

Norfolk boasts 7.3 miles of beaches. All are open to the public and easily accessed by public walkways. This almost assures that whatever neighborhood you choose, you can find beach cottages for rent that will allow you to fully utilize the sand and the gently flowing water.

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