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3 Tips for Finding West Campus Apartments in Austin for Transfer Students

Moving to a new city can be hard. It is so much you have to do and figure out before you even step foot in your college apartment! One of the most important things for any transfer student is finding an apartment near their university. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though- there are tons of tips and tricks that will help make this process a lot easier on everyone involved. This blog post will give you what will hopefully be some guidance through what seems like a daunting task.

Research the Neighborhoods Near Your University

One of the most important steps in finding west campus apartments in Austin is to do some research on what neighborhoods are around it. It’ll help narrow down where you’ll search and give you a range of how much apartments will cost near campus.

Check Out Online Apartment Listings

Nearly every city has an online listing of apartments that they want to rent out, and this is a great place for you as the renter! Many cities have websites just dedicated specifically to listings. Many student apartments list their availability on Facebook or Instagram making both of these platforms a great place to look.

Visit a Few Apartments In-Person to Get a Feel for Them and Find Your Favorite

Personal experience is really important when it comes to deciding on an apartment. Visiting a few in person will help you get the feel for them and find your favorite one.

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